A Phonics Program that Works

We’ve been homeschooling now since my oldest, who is now 8, was 4. In that time, we’ve used *ahem* a lot of different curriculum and resources, some we adored and some that are, thus far, a big fat waste of money.

One of my absolute FAVORITE resources is for phonics, and we actually just discovered these a few weeks ago: Explode the Code!

I absolutely adore these- not because they are flashy or make outrageous claims. (“Teach your child to read at a 3rd grade level in just 12 weeks.” … nothing but hogwash!)

I love these because they are methodical, require the child to actually read in order to complete the workbook pages, and are simple and straight-forward enough for them to do on their own. The child is not distracted by flashy pictures (especially important with my children) and can’t really fake their way through.

Of course, they don’t want to! These books have become the absolute favorite thing in my house… my reluctant readers even beg to do phonics in them every day!

My children are a little under half way finished with their respective books (right now they are on 1, 2, and 4, respectively) and each one’s reading has jumped by leaps and bounds!

Also, at about $6 a book, they are perfectly priced for consumables in my opinion. They are well, well worth more than that, though! 


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Posted on March 27, 2012, in Homeschooling. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. We’re not currently using them but Explode the Code books are great tools!
    We are currently using the free practice pages at http://www.sfreading.com

  2. We’re not currently using them but I do love ETC. Actually my daughter is working through ETC online as a supplement this year.

    We’ve also discovered the practice pages at http://www.sfreading.com. Simple and free 🙂

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