What makes it worth it.

In the grand scheme of this thing I call life, I often find myself dwelling on the negative things. For instance, as I write this post, I’m sitting in my recliner (that I stole from my husband because the nephew broke the footrest on mine) surfing blogs, angrily, while out the window the weather reflects my mood. (There’s a thunderstorm going on right now.)


(And before you ask: Yes, yes, you can surf angrily. I can give you lessons if you’d like.. I tend to do this more often then I’d like to admit.)

Because my children have been fighting, arguing, bickering, crying, and screaming all day. It’s been a Waterloo around here and I’m Napoleon.


(My husband snickered at me when he got home! “So nothing new, then?” he says!)

That’s why I was so thrilled when I read Angie’s challenge on The Homeschool Classroom. Well, ‘thrilled’ is probably too strong of a word- ‘challenged’ would probably be better.

So here it is:

My sweet Bubby is the funniest, most creative little monster boy you’d ever meet. He has a heart of gold, and even shows it sometimes. But schoolwork is a nightmare.


I started him like I did my girls (one of whom is his twin) with basic phonics at 4 year old. He STILL fights and struggles with even simple things like remembering the alphabet, and putting the sounds together … it’s a constant minefield.

Whenever the new year started I had him help me pick out all the curriculum I purchased to give him a sense of ownership. We’ve slowly but surely worked our way through his phonics books, sound by painful, bone-wrenching sound. I try to be encouraging and push hard enough while not pushing too hard and frustrating him.

It’s a delicate balance that I often lose.

And he still doesn’t understand.

On Tuesday, it was time for his phonics and I was busy helping his twin sister work on a new set of blends for her phonics. It comes natural to her and I’ve always tried to separate the times they work on similar subjects to keep him from comparing himself to her. But it was just one of those days I was running behind. It felt like a disaster waiting to happen.

He brought his book to the table and set down with his little pencil. I looked over about ten minutes later and he had completed an entire page!

Shocked, I asked him, “Did you do that?”


“Did you look back in the book for the answers?”

(They’re allowed to do that on practice pages)


“Sooooo…. you read it?”


“Can you read it to me, now?”


And he read to me.

My heart fluttered.

My face flushed.

I picked him up and twirled him around the room, smothering him with kisses, while his sisters danced at our feet, cheering for him.

That’s one of the moments that make it all worth it.

And that’s my best recent moment.


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