Why We Homeschool

This question is always multi-faceted. You never get quite the same answer from anyone who does or doesn’t do it, so I believe it’s worth being addressed as to why we homeschool and why we’d “put ourselves through that” with all of the challenges. Many families in our area homeschool for religious purposes, and although we do teach our children from the Bible, that’s not our primary reason.

In the beginning, we homeschooled our children for the sake of a better education and protection of their youth and innocence. The public school system in our area was bad, bad, bad. Not only were test scores dismally low, but sex, drugs, alcohol, child pregnancy, and violence were way above average. Keep in mind that we have never lived in a big city, or a bad neighborhood- this is all about a small town community.

The year before we would have needed to register our oldest for Kindergarten, there was a search and seizure with drug dogs at the elementary school… and they actually ‘busted’ several children aged 6-10 with drugs and drug paraphilia. If that hadn’t been enough, the same school system was showing a horrible rate of young teen pregnancy. Not 17, 18, 19 year old students, but 12, 13, 14 year olds were getting pregnant multiple times. It was such an issue that an OB/GYN began visiting the health department a couple times a week to perform abortions on little girls; little girls who never even had to tell their parent’s they were pregnant before killing their own child and putting their lives at risk with such an invasive procedure on such immature bodies.

In addition to all of that, our county rated 2nd lowest in the ENTIRE state as far as test scores went. Children were graduating high school, on honor roll, and not being able to read or write a cognitive sentence. The state threatened to pull funding for the schools, and they ‘revamped’ a little. However, it was just enough to pull up from 2nd lowest to 4th lowest, yet somehow the state was satisfied.

It wasn’t happening.

Not to my babies.

Regardless of any difficulties we might face, financially or otherwise, we are committed to giving our children a better opportunity for a decent life then a 40% rate of teen motherhood. We are committed to giving our children the individualized attention that they need instead of letting them be put in the ‘slow’ class because they learn differently in a school where the ‘smart kids’ can’t all read.

It’s not easy.

Some days it down-right sucks.

But it’s worth every thing.


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Wife to one, mommy to many, daughter, sister, friend, homemaker, daughter to the King. That's me.

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